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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Before You Start

I have printed out my copy of 31 Days to Clean and did an initial skim of the content this weekend.  Here are some key points that you may want to consider as you get started.

1.  It is clearly written to At-Home Wives, though I am sure Working Wives and Single Women will benefit greatly from the content.

2.  Reading Time:  Reading Time is easy, maybe 5 minutes max.  But it might be good to read the day before since some assignments will need prep work or a rearranging of your schedule to make time for the assignment.

3.  Working Time:  Some of the Martha Tasks may seem daunting, such as clean out and organize ALL your kitchen cabinets.  Be free to decide each day what your standard will be.  Will you go all out on every assignment?  Will you limit your work to a certain length of time? (limiting the cleaning/organizing to 1 hour) Or will you limit the work to a certain quality? (just wiping out the cabinets, minus the organization) 

To help me with managing my Work Time, I printed out a small 1 month calendar and wrote in a basic description of each Martha Task.  That way as I plan my week, I can look at the tasks and decide how best to fit them into life.

4.  Budget:  Day 1 Assignment is to buy the needed things for completing Martha tasks.  If your cleaning supplies are depleted or worn out, then be prepared to spend a little.  Honestly, homes need little more than bleach, vinegar, dish soap, Soft Scrub, some good rags and sponges (not just old socks!), a couple industrial size squirt bottles (for making your own cleaning solutions), a broom and a mop.  The industrial cleaning section of Walmart (near paint and air filters) has better supplies than the housekeeping department.

You might also need some extra money for beautifying your home -- adding plants, buying fresh flowers, etc.  These are optional items.

5.  Balance:  Remember that the goal is not perfection but improvement -- of our hearts and homes.  Join us even if you are worried that you might not be able to participate every day.  Even 2 days a week ends up being 8 steps ahead of where you are now!

We start tomorrow morning!  So download your copy of 31 Days to Clean now!

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Paula said...

Luck me, I cleaned and organized (not that they need much) my cabinets last fall. I may be a slob on the outside but my closed areas are well organized. Go figure.