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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day Zero.. In Search of Accountability

Day Zero.

I wasted an hour (minimum) online this morning.  This has become a common habit of mine.  Too overwhelmed by all the things that ought to be done, I widdle away precious time on nothing.

But at least I found a new book to read!

Following a post from Sally Clarkson at I Take Joy, I learned of an e-book called "31 Days to Clean".  Sally's review caught my heart: 

By personality, I am a dreamer, idealist, relational, philosophical sort of person. And yet none of this has helped me very much in keeping my home in order. But because I am an idealist, I feel compelled to keep a home that is beautiful in ambiance and a place of order–but keeping it going has always been a drainer for me. ...... What I love is that this book deals with the heart of the matter as well as ways to see progress a little at a time.

That sounds just like me, and I truly hope this book will help, but without accountability I am lost. So I decided to post the link on facebook, asking if anyone would join me.  By noon 5 people offered to read along too!  Seems I am not the only domestically-discouraged idealist out there!

On this blog, we will share our joys, successes, frustrations, ideas, and lessons as we walk through 31 days of cleaning. 

Here is my initial take on the book if you are interested:

The book is manageable, with daily readings only 2 pages long.  The assignments, one for your heart and one for your home, are likewise manageable, though some of the home assignments may take up to an hour depending on the current condition of things.  From initial glance, the focus is going to be on spring cleaning more than on daily routines, though routine is addressed and suggestions given.  The cost of the e-book is $5, easily ordered from the website and payable using credit card or paypal.  You can also purchase a Kindle version of the book.

We will start on Monday May 9 (which is exactly 31 days from when I leave for my summer vacation!)

Come and Join Us!

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