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Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 1 -- LOVE!

Monday's are usually positive days for me - a fresh start to a fresh week.  And I was even more motivated today for two reasons:  1 - it is Day 1 of our endeavor and 2 - a contractor was coming by at 5pm to talk home-renovations.  It's amazing how hard I will work when I know someone new is stopping by!

Which leads me to today's topic - Motivation.  Clearly I am very motivated by the "threat" of visitors.  But what about the days when there are no visitors, what will motivate me then?  Am I willing to do for myself and my family what I will do for a complete stranger? 

Today's tasks were daunting.  Every room of the house, including the large playroom and backyard were in complete cluttered chaos.  Plus, there were 4 loads of laundry to do.  I ran into numerous barriers- needy children, unexpected phone calls, potty accidents and spilled snacks.  But yet, I finished it all (and even had a nice lunch break with a friend).  It came down to Motivation!  I absolutely wanted to impress the contractor with a clean orderly home so that he would take us seriously in developing his estimate.

Do I value my husband and daughters as much as the opinion of a contractor?  Apparently not.  As I consider our first Mary Task, to contemplate our motives, I am forced to admit that my motives are wrong.  My only motive strong enough to invoke action is a motive of pride.  I only clean when I need to impress someone else.

I want my motive to be LOVE! 

Love for God - I want to show my love and thankfulness for the things I have been given by being a good steward.  Having a mess leaves things broken, lost, and forgotten. 

Love for my Family - I want my home to be peaceful, orderly, and efficient for my family.  They are the ones who are forced to live here after all!  Mr. Contractor can walk out the door and be on his way after a short visit, but my family must live day in and day out in the environment I create.  Plus, order and cleanliness allows me to love my family better because I have more time on my hands to be with them, rather than constantly attempting to conquer the mess (or trying to find something in the mess).

Love for Me! - A clean home is a gift to myself.  To end the night in a quiet home with clear counters and move my room with a lovely made bed makes me feel really special!  There is a reason I love fancy hotels -- they are always clean and orderly!  When my home is in order, my mind is free to think deeply -- which is by far my favorite hobby!

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